Wall Computer 2.0 & Wall Computer 1.0

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So It’s been over a year since my last post..


Busy working with computers, servers and gadgets and wanted to update a few things here.


The Wall Computer has been completed. and I am so happy with the results,

Tho just yesterday I recieved my ordered 1080ti.. it’s an Zotac AMP! Extreme, Very nice!

So the Wall computer is actually dismantled currently.. and am awaiting a few components to upgrade it.. such as the video card is so massive i needed to resize the perspex they sit on!,

I no longer run dual graphics cards and needed something, an idea to have where the 2nd graphics card sits.. so I ended up with 4x SSDs in RAID 0.. only to learn about  M.2 PCIe SSD and their performance outdoing my RAID SSD!! Seriously.. I had 4x 64GB SSDs which topped out around 1.2GB/s but had bad 4k reading, where these m.2 drives can do 2-3GB/s and the operations per second are insanely high!

anyways enough chat.. I have a few videos and pictures of the old build and I will post again soon with the rebuild of the wall computer 2.0 haha

I am also planning a wall computer2 1.0 for my home media server (Ryzen 7 8c system)


without further ado…