7.1 channel Audio Card – ASUS HDAV 1.3 Deluxe

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It’s nice to see that analog cards are still available on the market.

when it comes to sound cards I have always been a sound-blaster fanatic so moving from SB to ASUS was a little difficult for me, tho I cannot be happier with this choice as this product really does deliver way more then I ever expected.

The software and the customization is just incredible. The Card has a few features which I love..
To start.. The Equalizer is simply strong! so strong in fact that my system doesn’t need much altering and the output is just so much cleaner then I would have ever imagined.
The sub-woofer redirection and per speaker bass levels (Speaker size) is a great feature to add some bass to the main speakers so long as they are big enough.. tho my Yamaha 1500Watt Sub-Woofer is more than happy to handle most of the BASS.
The 6 BOSE bookshelf speakers deliver the clearest sound and it’s the ASUS card that makes this happen.

Even when I push my system It doesn’t distort which is simply special!

The card I am using is years old and I know ASUS have a newer model, but everytime I play music on this system I smile and think how much better can it get?!

The last thing i have to say… THANKYOU ASUS FOR GIVING US A 8 CHANNEL RCA CARD!!!

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