A little something i’m building…

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Hmmm my wall computer’s planning has come to an end..

Still waiting for my EVGA 750w Platinum PSU, the psu plex is wrong size and was for my other psu now used on my home server! So Ill make another wall computer for that later..


Fans look good tho will be under the carbon fiber with lighting glowing out of the blowers

Graphics cards need something to hide the circuits.. (im thinking thin something with carbon fiber.. Why not!
I want to use 2 same gpus.. But upgrade is not worth it yet especially with the price tags in oz.. New parts around $900 a piece

BLURAY Writer needs a dark paint job as does the 3TB Drive

The 960GB SSD sticker is upside down.. Bugger!

Apart from that.. Looking good..

And the custom PCI-e risers are great. Fully tested under load! The slave gpu uses a 35cm ribbon cable wow no signal loss due to my usage of the copper tape grooved into each depth of each wire on the ribon!

Home made white wiring for all components

Silicone anti vibration for drives

Home made thermal controlled lighting for each component using arduino uno’s.. Bloody hate programming…

What else.. Over 5 months of planning and ordering of all kinds of stupid shit on ebay and aliexpress…

I am about a week away from starting to construct this baby…



Some Photos…

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