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My name is Shaun, I started my trading as I FIXED IT in mid 2010 after returning from an 10 year extended stay overseas , I first contracted to “Nerds On Time” and really enjoyed the challenges and meeting new people, I have worked in computer stores in the past servicing computers and providing technical support since then I’ve enjoyed the personalised onsite service much more as I can provide a higher level of support.

Our Mission is to Provide the Absolute Best Personal Service in IT.

I have always had an Interest in Electronics and Computers from a very young age. When I was in grade 6 my first paycheck went to an Intel 386 Class Computer, it has a Massive 120MB of Storage, a Large 4MB Memory for $80 Secondhand in the early 90’s.  It Makes me laugh that my mobile phone is about a few thousand times Faster!

Before that, I had two Commodore based systems, a Commodore VIC 20 and then my favorite computer of all time, the Commodore AMIGA 500.

Since then I have loved the idea of what computers can do. For each person that is different. Nowadays it’s simply amazing what computers can do!

I have over 15 Years of Professional computer experience and I have learned some cool tricks along the way to solve some unique problems for clients.

I FIXED IT Founder – Shaun & His Partner 2013.

I FIXED IT operates in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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