All Water Cooled Computers that I FIXED IT Builds come with leak / overheat detection.

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WHY have a Custom Gaming Computer with Water Cooling built with I FIXED IT?

A common downfall to water cooling computers is the scare that the system will leak and destroy all the hardware.

Most of the times when computers leak coolant it leaks onto hardware and destroys the equipment as well as cause potential hazardous conditions.

I FIXED IT includes both a Anti Moisture & Over Heating circuit to forcefully SHUTDOWN the computer in the event of a failure.

Failure Mode Protections.

1. The Moisture detector will detect a liquid on it’s pad then switch off via the Electronic Switch
2. The Temperature Sensor is thermal-glued to the water block and it will also force the computer off if it overheats in the event of water pump or other failure.

The Electronic Switch sits outside the computer and connects in between the Power Supply and Mains.

These 2 protections in place will protect your investment.



I Fixed IT sells Computers without these protections but the buyer will accept all responsibilities / loss of warranty in the event of a Leak / Pump Failure.