Don’t be fooled into buying a MONITOR, when a TV does the same JOB ONLY BETTER!

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I sometimes suggest to clients that they use a TV as the size is so much greater then a Monitor.

Especially these cheap 4K TV’s out now.
I have one and it’s like having 4x Monitors on 1 display.

TV’s with a size of 32-50inch are great to use as a Monitor as long as you have the space!!!

I would also recommend a 4K Screen to anyone but there is a little issue here!
4K screens are diffucult to run at a high refresh rate… The refresh rate is very important as this adds much strain to your eyes when using a screen
Most TV’s and Monitors can display images at 60hz or, 60 images every second.

Most cheaper 4K TV’s are locked at 30hz… and until the technology which connects the TV to a computer improves which is not too far away we’re locked at 30Hz for now.
30hz is fine for movies and tv shows as the videos are usually filmed at 24-30hz. Using 30hz as an everyday monitor can become tiring, as tracking the mouse on the screen is difficult and games perform badly. Remember I am speaking about 4K TV’s as all 1080P TV’s are able to run at 60Hz no problems.

A Workstation using a TV as a monitor