Home Theatre Computer Systems ( HTPC )

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There are so many choices for setting up a Home Theatre System (Media Streaming)

with the google chromecast and so many other devices but the trusted old computer remains to be the BEST OPTION AVAILABLE.

It’s simple.. Computers have plenty of performance to do what you need.
It’s gotten better now with the evolved KODI player.. formally XBMC

This software has many android/iOS remote control APPs to control you systems your using.

The Home Theater system works best with a MEDIA SERVER or NAS device. (Where the media files are stored)
Kodi which is an Open Source, FREE Program is just GREAT. I have used it for years and enjoy having my playlists just a click away.

Home Theatre computers can be controlled 3 ways.
1. Remote control
2. Android/iOS Apps
3. Wireless Keyboard/Mouse (1 device)