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Shaun has worked on our computers in our home on several occasions.

I work from home and need computer repairs done quickly. Shaun has always been prompt and has helped sort out some complicated problems with my hi-tech music software and hardware. He has also kept in touch and is always happy to give advice by email.

I can thoroughly recommend his work. He also set up my daughter’s new laptop and personalised it for her giving her step by step hints from start-up to shut-down.

Roger Williams, 2011

Shaun Collins owner of I Fixed It, has been working with my 2 companies National College of Traditional Medicine and Sandi Rogers Publishing for 2 years. Shaun is not only outstanding in what he does, he links with his talent integrity and a passion for what he does.

His main goal is to support his clients and always goes the extra mile and never fails to deliver. Shaun offers small to medium business outstanding service yet more importantly his expertise is outstanding.

My team and I cannot speak too highly of Shaun and would not hesitate to recommend him to any business requiring computer support.

Dr Sandi Rogers ED.D., N.D, 2012

I use the Home plan and Shaun visits me whenever I have troubles with my Computer and iPad. I am computer illiterate and its great to have this in home service to help me when ever I need help.

Kat, Sunshine, 2012

Shaun has been my next door neighbour for about 30 years. I have watched him grow up, become a nerd and work for companies such as “Nerds on Time”.
He is charming, polite and very smart with new technical stuff. When I was 60 he helped me start with computer basics and has continued to upgrade me about three times.
I have just turned 70 and continue to work as a doctor specialising in psychiatry. My computer skills are quite poor, but with his help I have managed both work-related and
private matters. He has my sincere and whole-hearted recommendations to help with senior-related professional needs.

Dr Tom W. aged 70., 2013

I Fixed IT has provided my small business some computer services and support in the last 14 months. They are always willing and enthusiastic to help and always have a fast turn around.
I have learnt so much thanks to them and it’s great to have our computer systems maintained for preventative failures.
Thanks to I fixed it, they saved years worth of work on 1 of the computers as a problem was detected and solved before damage was done

Jack Thomson., 2014

After loosing some important files months ago, I started using the services of I Fixed IT as they have setup a great backup system for me.

Shaun comes to my home every 2 months and gives my computer a cleanup and makes sure my files are being backed up properly. During his visit he is always happy to help with other computer needs such as tutorials, quick fixes and tips on using my new smartphone.
I really like having an IT Expert in my life!

Mary, Sunshine 3020, 2015

Shaun is a legend according to my son after building him a gaming PC.

Great communication throughout the process, he even delivered and installed it.

We couldn’t be happier and would happily recommend Shaun for all your IT needs

Deb, Point Cook, Vic, 2017

Shaun at I Fixed IT basically saved my business. After a virus encrypted all my sensitive data recently. We had Shaun out to help and being extremely pleased with the outcome having I Fixed I.T. as my choice of computer support.

They previously designed a backup system that we were lucky enough to have in place and didn’t loose a single file.

Shaun really takes his job seriously and always explains the importance of Backup.

Thank-you so much Shaun, your a legend!

Ben, Geelong, 2017


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